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Vocations Guide to Priesthood

• Let contemplative prayer be pervaded with wonder and gratitude for the gift of vocations.

• Should be requested to pray for vocations. Why not “twin” with local seminary?

Enclosed Religious ― St Therese “adopted” a couple of young priests. We should encourage others to follow her example. This is a wonderful way for both the religious and the seminarians to pray for each other. Hopefully the Religious House will closely identify with the local seminary. Spiritually this is a win, win situation.

The sister in the barn.

A famous German bishop, Bishop Ketteler, describes an experience which moved him profoundly. God revealed to him that a nun had sacrificed her life for him, and that the fruitfulness of his ministry was due to her prayers. It was also shown to him the face of this nun, but he did not know where she lived. During his pastoral visits to the convents of his diocese, he asked to see all the sisters. Thus he thought he would recognize her.

One day he visited a convent in a nearby town and celebrated mass there. The distribution of Holy Communion was coming to an end, when his eye fell on a sister. He grew pale and froze for a moment, but recovering himself he gave Communion to the sister.

Later, he begged the superior to kindly introduce him to all the sisters. As they had arrived, he noticed that the sister was not present, so he asked the Superior: "Are all the sisters here?” She said: "Excellency, I have made every call, but actually we are missing one. She takes care of the barn in a way so exemplary that, in her zeal, she sometimes forgets other things. - "I want to meet this sister," insisted the bishop. Shortly after, the sister arrived. The bishop turned pale again and asked to be left alone with her.

He asked her: "Do you know me? - "I've never seen your Excellency. - "Which is the devotion that you love to practice most?”- "Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus”, was her reply. "It seems that you are doing the hardest job at the convent," he continued. -"Oh no, your Excellency," she replied. “Although I must admit that I struggle sometimes. - "What do you do when you are bombarded with temptations? - "I am used to joyfully doing any task that I find hard for the love of God and I am offer it for a soul on this earth. It is up to God to choose what soul will be the beneficiary of it. Every day I offer my Holy Hour before the Blessed Sacrament for this soul. - "And how did you get the idea of offering all this for a soul?” The sister replied: "It's a habit that I have since school. The priest taught us the need to pray for others as we do for our own family. He would also say, ‘We must pray a lot for souls in danger of perdition. But as God alone knows who are especially in need of it, it is best to offer prayers to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, trusting in His wisdom '.

That's what I do, and I always thought that God had found the right soul. "Would you want to know what soul you are praying for?” - "Oh no, it is not necessary!"

When the Bishop departed, he had not revealed his secret….

Enclosed Religious


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