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Schools Vocations Cross.

Just as the Vocations Cross can travel from home to home so also the Schools Vocations Cross (SVC) can travel from classroom to classroom.

By introducing the “Schools Vocations Cross Programme” into his/her school the Head displays a living commitment to fostering a culture of vocations amongst his students.

Basically, all that is needed for this ministry to be effective in any Catholic school is a blessed Cross and a willing volunteer (ideally a school chaplain or a religious instruction teacher) who will monitor its transfer from class to class as circumstances allow.

The Organiser will:-

1. Decide a start date for the programme such as the commencement of the school year or new term.

2. Record a list of the participating classes.

3. Agree the number of weeks the SVC will be hosted by each class.

(The timescale can be altered as more classes volunteer to join the programme)

4. Supply the participating classes with suggested prayers and petitions which could be recited daily

whilst the Cross is in their classroom, these can be obtained from the Diocesan Director of Vocations.

5 Participating class could read suitable stories and discuss vocations.

6. Remind participating classes when the SVC is to be transferred.

7. If feasible invite a seminarian to school to speak about life in seminary.

It would be wonderful if each “hosting class” prayed daily for vocations before a specially prepared altar in a secure area of the room upon which they had placed the SVC. The pupils could take pleasure in decorating the altar as they (and their teacher) felt appropriate e.g. candles, flowers etc.

Obviously it would be wonderful if the opening ceremony were performed in the parish church when the teacher(s) and representatives from the student body could collect the Schools Vocations Cross from the pastor after the post communion prayer at the parish mass.

Vocations Guide to Priesthood

“I present this Schools Vocations Cross to you the teachers, staff and students of (………….) school and commission the participating classes to pray for more vocations to the priesthood and religious life, especially for our parish.

We, your families and friends thank each and every one of you for participating in this special apostolate and assure you that we will join our prayers to yours”.

The SVC could remain in the school for the academic year during which time it could be transferred from class to class at School assemblies or liturgies. A little ceremony could follow consisting of the cross being returned by the outgoing “hosting” class thus enabling it to be presented to a new class who would then take it in procession to their classroom.

At the close of the academic year representatives of the school could return the SVC to the Pastor at a parish mass.

The whole process could be repeated at the commencement of the following school year.

It is recommended that an entry be placed at the commencement of each school term in the parish bulletin as a way of giving encouragement and recognition to the local Catholic School E.g. The Schools Vocations Cross. – We gratefully acknowledges the Teachers, Staff and Pupils of (………….. ) School for currently hosting our Schools Vocations Cross.


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