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Vocations Guide to Priesthood

“The 31 Prayer Club” may be the ideal way in which you and your fellow parishioners can help to foster vocations in your parish.

Although it is called a club, there are no dues, no meetings and no commitments; all that is required is your own private pledge that if it is possible you will try to attend Holy Mass on one day of the month in addition to the normal Sunday obligation and pray for an increase in religious vocations. What a wonderful way for the parish to be united in praying The Lord of the Harvest to choose His labourers from amongst your community (and family). Hopefully, you will also remember the priests who are currently serving in the parish.

You may select any date of the month that suits you, from 1 to 31 (hence the name) when you wish to attend the mass. Choose a date that is easy to remember, such as your birthday, your graduation, your profession or the day you were married etc. Never worry if you miss your selected date, merely go to mass on another convenient date that month.

This is possibly the most important club in the parish because it ensures that on every day throughout the year a parishioner is attending Holy Mass and praying for vocations.

Needless to say if you are sick or housebound and cannot attend Holy Mass, you can still be a treasured member of the 31 Prayer Club by saying a rosary, making a novena or reciting some prayer that you like and that is not too onerous. Do what you feel comfortable with.

Usually parishioners are encouraged to “sign up” to participate in this 31 Club in the vestibule as they leave the church after mass on a particular Sunday.

The extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion should be encouraged to mention this ministry to the sick and homebound people whom they visit so that these “treasures” of the parish may also have the opportunity become active members of “The 31 Club”



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