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Vocations Guide to Priesthood


Parish Clergy

• Do you realise you may already have your future priests in your parish pews?

• Never tire of nurturing vocations with prayer and example.

• Why not offer Holy Mass every Holy Thursday “For our priests and for vocations in our parish”

• On the anniversary of your ordination celebrate Holy Mass to “Thank Almighty God for the gift of your vocation”.

• Preach regularly on “The gift of the Priesthood”.

• When the Liturgical calendar permits a Votive Mass, use this opportunity to celebrate Mass for Priestly and Religious Vocations

• Recommend the Priesthood to all suitable candidates. - "Set out into the deep"

• Record participants in the “31 Club” on the parish website.

• Record all “Friends of The Lamb” on the parish web site.

(All potential Associate Vocations Directors)

• Pray for vocations at every mass and when appropriate pray for any parish seminarians in the bidding prayers.

• Occasionally print a “Prayer for Vocations” in parish bulletin.

• Regularly update parishioners with "Vocations" news.

• Place a vocations prayer card in hymnals or parish missalettes.

• Check to see that relevant pamphlets and books on the priesthood and religious life are in your parish book rack.

• Invite the Director of Vocations to speak about vocations at weekend Masses


• Attend Ordinations, Solemn Professions and Chrism Mass

• Participate in group trip to a Seminary or House of Religious Formation.

• Serve in Leadership positions in parish activities.

• Supply material for parish web site.

• Come to “Catholic Movie Night” in parish followed by discussion.

• Show “Fishers of Men” DVD to your young parishioners.

• Promote Vocations to young people in homeschooling.

• During Confirmation interviews - ask the candidates if they’ve ever considered priesthood/religious life.

• Promote a Holy Hour for vocations.

• Be brave - Challenge parishioners to recite family Rosary for Vocations

• Choose your very own little Heavenly Champion.

RETIRED PRIESTS might volunteer to preach on vocations in local parishes.



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