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Vocations Guide to Priesthood


Altar Servers

  • Vocations to Priesthood. Encourage suitable candidates to contemplate possibility of priesthood.
  • Allocate space for vocatons literature on a specially dedicated noticeboard in the sacristy that is visible to all servers.
  • Remember, altar servers represent a kind of “garden” of priestly vocations.
  • Initiatives for altar servers should be encouraged and promoted.
  • Show appreciation for these special youngsters by rewarding them with an annual treat e.g. altar server’s picnic
  • Arrange for them to see DVD “Fishers of Men”
  • Arrange for Vocations posters to be placed in or near Sacristy.

  • (a kind of pre-seminary)

    Catholic Schools

    • Should ensure that students are thoroughly and unapologetically educated in the authentic teaching of the Church.

    • Why not encourage the pupils to “Adopt” a particular priest and pray daily for him.

    • Arrange “Days of Prayer” for potential future priests. The School Vocation Cross Program is a great resource to help schools pray for vocations.

    • Introduce Schools Vocations Cross programme. Every morning teachers and students might pray for vocations and for those in formation.

    • Where appropriate encourage school chaplain or visiting priest to celebrate “School Mass” for vocations.

    • Invite parish and visiting priests to share their own “vocation story” with students.

    • Show DVD “Fishers of Men”

    • Could convert a classroom into Eucharistic chapel for one special day to encourage students, staff and parents to pray for vocations.

    • Allocate space for vocations literature on a prime notice board. (Contact Vocations Office for posters and prayer cards)

    • Ensure some books on vocation to priesthood and religious life are available in library.

    • Teachers should be encouraged to mention the Priesthood and Religious Life when discussing Career Development with students.

    • Career Days- Allocate resources for fostering vocations.



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