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Vocations Guide to Priesthood



• A holy, erudite and dedicated professor can transform the heart of a receptive seminarian into a conscientious priest.

• It is essential to assign exemplary priests to this work:

• Proper formation in chastity and celibacy remains an essential component of seminary training.

• Suitableness of candidates for living a celibate life must be carefully verified.

• Students must be formed with a solid and correct theological understanding of the Church and the Priesthood (This is the personal responsibility of the bishop which cannot be delegated).

• The objective of the seminary is the formation of seminarians so that they learn to conform themselves to Christ, Priest and Good Shepherd.

• The mission of the seminary is to form priests, not "religious professionals."

(A special blessing for the Church)

• It is crucial to form mature and balanced personalities, men capable of establishing sound human and pastoral relationships, knowledgeable in theology, solid in the spiritual life and in love with the Church.

• Must ensure continuing personal formation aimed at deepening and harmonizing the human, spiritual, intellectual and pastoral aspects of priestly life

• Must proclaim that loyal submission of the will and intellect be given to the authentic teaching of the Pope even when he is not speaking ex cathedra.

• Never teach or endorse propositions contrary to the Ordinary Magisterium. (If a kingdom is divided against itself that kingdom cannot stand – Mark 3:24).

Seminaries should never accept people who:-

• 1 Are actively engaged in homosexual activity.

• 2 Openly support the homosexual culture

• 3 Those with deep seated homosexual inclinations.

• Where feasible encourage an annual “Pastors Night

• Seminary Day: Every year Local Ordinary to celebrate annual mass of Thanksgiving for Seminarians, their families and friends.

Consider domiciling some ill and elderly priests in seminary to act as an example for their younger brothers.


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